High-powered Pellet Rifle. When the competition is all about causing agony with small lead spheres, this gun will win it for you. Slot: BACK PRIMARY

Required Slots: BACK 2 HANDER

Item Level: 6

Weight: 3 kg

Ammo Type: Zip Gun Ammo

Category: Rifle

Ammo: 8

Damage: 21 Ballistic

Delay: 0.5 seconds

DPS: 25.5

Reload: 2.6 seconds

Max Range: 30m

Attack Skill: Rifle

Defensive Skill: Dodge

Requirement: Rifle 18

Modifier: -15 Melee Defense


Skill Level: 18

Components: x15 Scrap Iron

x10 Scrap Wood

x6 Scrap Fasteners

x6 Scrap Gears

Manual: Air Rifles

Time: 12m (9m Facility)